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Exterior Insulation and Finish System (EIFS) is an exterior wall cladding system that consists of several materials and installation steps. When this material is improperly installed, improperly flashed or becomes damaged, complications can arise. “Dryvit” or “Stucco Flex” are the more commonly named products used for the application of this exterior surface.

We conduct our inspections with specialized moisture detection equipment and probes which allow readings of moisture below the surface. The comprehensive report includes several photos of any damaged areas or those areas in need of repair. Since it can sometimes be difficult for the average homeowner/buyer to determine the exact type of exterior, we also conduct inspections to confirm or deny the presence of EIFS.
Our inspectors can also perform “siding only” inspections. Some wood composite siding materials, such as Louisiana Pacific (“LP”) and Weyerhaeuser Composite Siding, are experiencing problems at this time. The problems appear to be limited to delamination of the inner structure of the material due to moisture absorption. These types of siding are vulnerable to moisture penetration on edges and where the material surface is chipped or damaged. It is very important that this siding be adequately maintained by keeping surfaces and edges painted and all joints caulked and sealed.
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